Vogue UK Tattled


Ashley Graham - beautiful

Vogue tattled. In the Fashion World, this is an earthquake. It's earth shaking and groundbreaking. Yes, there is a "full figured" woman on the cover of Vogue UK - as a model. Not as a Singer, not as an Actress, not as a TV Personality - as a MODEL. This is gigantic in and of itself, that it's Ashley Graham, the MODEL, not Ashley Graham, the... (insert some entertainment title other than Model here). Because we all know that the accepted perception of "Model" is not of the gorgeous Ashley Graham. It's, you know.... skinnier. But that's not what I'm refering to when I say, "earth shaking and groundbreaking". It's that Vogue tattled. Because, see, a lot of established designers refused to send clothes for this shoot because of Ms. Graham's "size". Straight up refused to do it. And what did Vogue UK do? They didn't brush it under the rug, they didn't keep it quiet, they didn't "make nice". They went public with it - hot off the press, y'all. Seriously, bravo. #VogueUK #AshleyGraham#BeautyIsAction

-Some Chick, named Steph

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