Kim K Is A Badass (No Pun Intended)

Do I have to agree with you about how much you can't stand Kim K? Because I don't. At all. Say what you will, I know you're thinking it. Why the f* is she so famous?

Kim K is such a damn badass. She makes no apologies for her beauty, owns it, uses it to her own advantage unabashedly and unashamedly. She's a fantastic business woman, driven and successful, and trolls the public's perception of her like a boss. Hell, she got robbed at gunpoint, she could have been raped and murdered and she holds her sexy head high and doesn't hide from it. She's still out there in all her Kim K glory, though she has to be smarter about it now, unfortunately. She didn't cause her own trauma, it wasn't her fault that dudes wanting to get at some of her broke into her hotel, tied her up, threw her in a bathtub and grabbed a load of her treasure. What I think folks are missing is that she didn't get raped, she wasn't killed - she survived the piracy completely in tact. Because, let's be honest, that's what it was, right? A bunch of modern day pirates searching for buried treasure on the high seas of celebrity. Celebrity is some high seas. And pirates are pirates - whatever the century they're operating in.

So why does she get all the flack? I could lie and tell you I understand why, that I completely relate to why most people love to hate on her, but I really don't. Kim K is a badass of the utmost quality. She stands for herself, she takes naked selfies in bathrooms all over the globe, she knows her own body in such a profound way that even more than dressing it, she adorns it - her way, in her own style, with clothing or without. As a woman, I am inspired by this.

I am curious about it too.

Can I be unafraid enough of my own beauty and my own self as a woman, unafraid enough of my own "selfish" desires, unafraid enough of the judgement I will continue to get about it to really go all out for what I want for myself? Unafraid and without guilt? Can I, straight up, Kim K it?

I played a show Sunday. I wore a pair of dark skinny jeans, high top sneakers and a "questionable" black mesh top. I looked smoking hot. And I totally knew it.

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